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Extend the lifespan of your commercial roof with professional washing services.

The roof above your commercial building is responsible for protecting you, your clients, and your team members from the elements all year round. Although commercial roofs are designed to be reliable, durable, and weather-resistant, no roof is immune to the constant wear and tear of the elements. An easy way to keep your roof in great condition, however, is to schedule regular commercial roof washing services.

Commercial Roof Washing in Greenville, North Carolina

Here at East Carolina Softwash, we’re proud to offer our commercial roof washing services to business owners throughout the Greenville, North Carolina community. Since our team specializes in soft washing methods, we guarantee that all dirt, debris, and organic buildup will be gently removed from your roof without damaging any area of your property.

If you haven’t heard of soft washing before, you can think of it as a safer and more effective alternative to pressure washing. Pressure washers simply blast away contaminants without actually cleaning the surfaces, and this practice can be damaging on roofs and other delicate surfaces. Soft washing, on the other hand, is perfect for commercial roof washing since it uses biodegradable solutions to target buildup, gently wash away grime, and leave the surface sanitized.

When you rely on our team for commercial roof washing services, you can expect to see a visible difference in the appearance of your roof, and the results should last four to six times longer than pressure washing. Additionally, if you have other exterior areas of your building you’d like us to clean, our team would be more than happy to oblige.

To extend the lifespan of your commercial roof and keep it free of mold, moss, and dirt, give us a call for commercial roof washing services. We can’t wait to show you what soft washing can do for your business!